Carpet Plank series


Break out of the box with these colourful rectangular tiles in the Carpet Plank series from Enviratile.


What does the word Amazon invoke? Strong, bold, broad, beautiful… These are useful descriptors of this powerful and inspired range of carpet planks recently introduced to our collection. A wonderful toolkit for the inventive architect or des... Read Description

Base Camp

Developed from the very stylish and popular Base Note range, this plank design offers the original Base Note colour palette along with the benefits of cushion backing for improved comfort and acoustic performance. New power to create beautiful flo... Read Description


Colours galore! If you can’t find the right hi-light colour in this extensive range of planks then it probably doesn’t exist! Design an installation using combinations within the Bubble range or use it in conjunction with other plank r... Read Description


A stunning new plank collection employing the design power of multi-level tip sheared construction in three pattern variants to offer the interior designer and architect an almost infinite number of design options in several colour tones and highl... Read Description

Colour Slice

The new Colour Slice range of carpet planks echoes the ever popular Strike range and offers even more design options to the designer and architect. Whether laid in the popular herringbone pattern or other linear arrangements, this design looks con... Read Description

Coral Reef

Taking inspiration and visual cues from the natural beauty of our Australian coral reefs, this stunning and colourful range utilises the design power of ColourPoint™ multi-level tufting. The combination of four synergistic patterns in eight vibr... Read Description


Streaks of colour run through this exciting city-inspired concept offering boundless opportunities for the imaginative designer to invoke urban night-scapes, light-streams, night traffic and anything in between. A palette of inspiration!

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Mini Plank

One of our latest  collections in the Creative Series, Mini Plank brings ever more creative freedom and choice for imaginative designers and architects. With 14 carefully selected individual colours in the range, the possibilities are endless. Th... Read Description


No, it’s not a mirage, it’s Mirage – the exciting new range of fat planks from Enviratile™. This tile’s novel size (44cm by 88cm) gives interiors a unique look.

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Representing outstanding value for a premium cushion-back plank, the Rye range offers a fresh and modern look available in a selection of very subtle and practical colours which will enhance any interior aesthetic.

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Yet another new range of exciting carpet planks from Enviratile®! We cannot overstate how good this product looks and photographs rarely do it justice. Our designers have done a superb job of combining a relaxed organic theme with a contemporary ... Read Description